FBST joint response to Boundary Commission’s proposed changes to local council wards

Friends of Brunswick Square & Terrace (FBST), Lansdowne Area Residents Association (LARA) and the Friends of Palmeira & Adelaide (FOPA) have given a joint response to the Boundary Commission’s proposed changes to the local council wards in the City. In particular, we have strongly objected to the merging of the historic Brunswick & Adelaide ward into a new Regency ward which would encompass the current Brunswick & Adelaide ward with the whole of central Brighton seafront, Western Road and West Street. All three residents’ associations feel that this will adversely affect our representation at Council and not reflect our community identity or interests.

Please view the official response on the attached pdf.


We urge as many of you as possible to register your objection to the loss of the current Brunswick & Adelaide ward (before the deadline of 11th April) by making your comments by following this link:


For those of you who are too busy but would like to object, we have composed a few bullet points for you to be able to copy and paste (and alter) if you wish: